Prevention of usb stick poisoning

- Jun 12, 2018-

Stop the transmission of autorun from usb flash drive

The U disk is the main channel for spreading the virus, among which autorun is the most likely to win the prize. It pretended to be automatically run file, when plug usb on the computer, the computer will become infected, so come and go, computer hard disk and mobile devices around all fell into the clutches of autorun.

Baidu search Antirun software download

Luxury Gift Crystal USB Flash DriveAntirun software can be installed on your computer to block autorun. Antirun is very small, only 300KB, the system resource consumption is small, the use is very simple. After downloading the installation and running, the program will automatically hide in the lower right corner of the system task bar. The icon is a green usb drive, as shown below.

When usb drive inserted into the computer, Antirun automatically scans the usb drive have autorun. Inf file, once they are detected as a virus appears to Delete information, then press the Delete button, autorun files can be deleted. When the clearance is complete, the "Successfully removed" message will appear on the interface. Then press the Rescan button to use the usb flash drive normally.

Antirun automatically scans the usb drive to see if it is poisoned

Of course, in addition to removing autorun viruses, Antirun has several more useful functions. Antirun supports USB devices such as mobile hard drives and card readers, and when multiple USB devices are simultaneously plugged in, it is managed as multiple TAB pages. The Antirun interface also allows you to open or uninstall USB devices with one click, making the peripherals safer to use. At the same time, the bottom of the interface also shows the current situation of space use, more intuitive.

Automatic virus deletion is complete

The tool disables the automatic running of USB mobile devices, cutting off viruses so you don't have to worry about winning a computer prize!

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