Protect USB flash drive by USB encryption

- Jun 04, 2018-

Many people now have USB drives and it's easy to save a file. But if you lose your USB flash drive, especially if it contains any confidential documents. I'm here to teach you a way to protect your 64G USB flash drive. You can also give your mobile hard disk, your computer disk with a protection password.

usb flash drive cartoon peanut model.jpg

Open my computer and find the disk or wooden USB drive that needs protection. Right-click the disk and click "BitLocker enabled" in the menu.

Select "use password to unlock drive" and enter the protected password, which contains upper and lower case letters, Numbers, passwords, and characters. Click next.

Here I choose "save the recovery key to a file" and store it in a folder so that I can use it to retrieve the file if I forget my password later.

After saving the file, you can encrypt it. It will take longer.

wood usb stick.jpg

When the encryption is complete, the protected disk has a lock identification.

Restraighten the cartoon USB stick, or you need to enter a password to open the protected disk.

Now even if you lose your USB drive, no one will see your files. It doesn't matter if you forget your password. You can just say, "I forgot the password."

Select to enter the recovery key. The password can be reset by entering the recovery key stored in the computer folder.

If you don't want to set your password, right-click the protected disk, select manage BitLocker, and change or delete your password.

The recovery password must be stored on the computer or printed out