Quick fix U disk display capacity is full of operation tutorial

- May 19, 2018-

Now u disk capacity is getting bigger and bigger, and we also like to copy large files into the u disk, but recently users have reported that u disk space is obviously enough, but in the process of copying oversized files shows that the disk space is full, People are in a hurry, so today we will share the tutorial on how to quickly get the U disk display capacity.
mini portable metal usb flash drive.jpg

mini portable metal usb flash drive.jpg

First of all, we need to exclude several factors. The first U disk is false. If it is to buy fakes, then there is no way. The second is that there are no other hidden files in the USB flash drive, resulting in insufficient capacity. Excluding these two factors we will look next.

Method one: Format the U disk format to NTFS.

U disk can be formatted into NTFS format, because the new U disk is generally FAT32 file system, and FAT32 can not store a single file greater than 4G. You are definitely using the XP system. Win7 has NTFS by default. Follow the steps below: Open “My Computer” - right-click the drive letter that represents the U disk, select Properties - select the “Hardware” tab, Select your U disk in Name and click Properties - In the Properties dialog that opens, choose Strategy, and then choose Optimize for performance - click OK to exit and restart the computer - Format the U disk after the computer restarts, select the "NTFS file system" format U disk - get!

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Method two: Direct conversion to NTFS without formatting.

Do not format the U disk file system, directly lossless converted to ntfs format, the steps are as follows: If the USB drive letter is G, first point to start - run - enter the cmd command, enter to open the "command prompt" window - -in

After C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator> enter convert g:/fs:ntfs and wait for it to complete.

The above is to quickly get the U disk display capacity is full of operation tutorial, we must pay attention to the operation process is, U disk display capacity is full of the first solution to the premise is to format the u disk, we must do u disk file Good backup work, if you do not want to format and want to deposit large files in the u disk, it is recommended that you divide the large file into multiple copies, and then copy it into the u disk, hoping to help everyone.

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