Reader does not respond how to do solution

- May 26, 2018-

We now need to use a memory card for mobile phones, cameras, and car music. However, if we want to copy data to a memory card, we have to use a card reader, and sometimes we encounter a card reader when using a card reader. After the computer did not respond to the problem, how to solve this situation?

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First, the system problem:

   1. First of all, we need to exclude whether it is a computer-driven problem or a problem with our own computer.

   Do it in turn, if it is a desktop computer try to switch to the usb port behind try, if the laptop is trying to change a usb port, if invalid.

   Then try to find another computer or neighbor's computer. If other people's computers can identify, then we do not need to put the problem on the card reader and memory card. Go directly to the device manager to see if there is any yellow Exclamation mark USB driver, right-click (computer) = Manage (in order expand) Computer Management - System Tools - Device Manager - (find the driver is not installed right click deleted), then right-click (scan detection hardware must), It will automatically install U disk universal drive, which comes with this type of drive system.

   2. If the above new driver is still not working, try to reinstall the system can certainly solve, or restore the system to no problem before.

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Second, reader problems:

  1. If the card reader gets no response from other people's computers, then the problem is definitely on the card reader and the memory card, so we need to exclude whether it is a memory card or a card reader.

  2, the memory card directly into the phone or camera, if it is able to read data, but also to identify, then the problem is certainly on the reader.

  3, for the reader, the general look is not the point of contact with oxides, you can use sandpaper or other rough things to wipe, if still can not be solved, only for a reader.

Third, the memory card problem:

  1, if the above test when the memory card is not recognized on the phone or camera, then certainly the memory card problem, whether it is sd card or tf card, we can use memory card repair tool to try to solve.

  2, the general reader is no problem just the memory card has a problem, insert the computer usually still a little reaction, will recognize the hardware insert, but can not appear drive letter, this point can also be used as a specific indicator to judge.

  3, the more commonly used memory card repair tool SDFormatter, mass production network has a download, use a particularly simple, insert the memory card into the card reader and then insert the computer, and then run the software, select your memory drive letter, and then click Format, fix it in a moment, but the data is gone, and the memory card can be used again.

   Summary: The above three methods can completely solve the problem of readers not responding. Generally speaking, the probability of the reader being broken is relatively large. Therefore, using the above method can definitely eliminate the problem of the system or the memory card. Even if you bought a new reader, you won't be. 

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