Simple identification of virtual U disk

- May 31, 2018-

musical instruments model usb flash drive.jpg

As long as we use U disk nominal capacity of the file stored on the U disk, can save is enough, otherwise it is an upgraded version of the shortage.


Specific operation, please note the following points:


1: The saved file capacity exceeds half of the nominal value of the USB flash drive. Less than half of the tests are not true or false; according to the nominal value, it takes time. Especially for large-capacity U disk, you can save a lot of time.


2: The saved file is preferably a picture file. A photo occupies a few megabytes, and a bit of textual material is a few kilobytes, which saves time and less time.

musical instruments model usb flash drive 2.jpg

3: After saving the picture, look at each picture. Pictures within the actual capacity can be displayed, and pictures beyond the actual capacity will not be displayed. If you open it all at once, it is a U disk with a nominal capacity. If you do not turn it on, calculate the capacity to open the image and you will know how large a U disk is.


4: If you can not delete the open picture file, you can only delete the file by formatting, it also proved to be an upgraded version of the U disk.


5: If you open the file and find that the name of the folder or file becomes a messy symbol, some U-disks may appear the above phenomenon when you re-insert the computer, it means that the system is unstable, the upgraded version is certain.

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