The basic information of the usb drive.

- May 23, 2018-

What is a usb drive

USB flash drive. USB flash disk. It is a USB interface that does not require a physical drive for a small, high-volume mobile storage product, which can be connected to a computer through a USB interface, which is plug and play. The name of the USB stick is originally from a new storage device produced by the company, called "USB flash drive", which is connected by USB interface. USB interface is connected to the computer's mainframe, the USB data can be exchanged with the computer. After that, the equipment for similar technology was patented by the company, which could no longer be called "usb flash drive", but called "usb drive". Later, the term "usb" was widely known for its simple and easy to remember, and until now the two have been common and no longer differentiated between them, one of the mobile storage devices.

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The basic information

 usb stick, is a small hard disk. The flash disk interface is rs-232, USB, SCSI, IEEE-1394, e-sata, etc. Strictly speaking, USB flash drive can only be called USB flash disk. It is used to store photos, materials and images, and the area is only 1cm square, which can realize portable mobile storage, greatly improve office efficiency, and make human life more convenient.

Composition of U disk

The composition of the usb disk is simple: the casing + machine core + flash memory + packaging.

1. Machine core: the machine core includes a piece of PCB board + main control + crystal vibration + resistance capacitance +USB head +LED head +FLASH(FLASH memory) chip.

Shell: there are many kinds, including plastic, wood, metal, leather and silicone.

3. Packing: usually packed in cartons, plastic boxes and metal boxes, usually packed in cartons and iron boxes.

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