The basic working principle of USB drive

- May 05, 2018-

The working principle of USB drive.

When the USB port is connected to the USB port of the computer host, the 5V voltage of the computer USB interface provides power supply to the USB power supply circuit through the USB interface of the USB port, generating VCC voltage. And USB interface circuit of USB socket pins for the high level of data input, data output pin for low level: when computer motherboard USB module detected data line held high level signals, as USB device connection is good, to theUSB drive signal ready. Then USB drive of the basic information of the main control chip memory to be obtained and the file information, via USB sent to the host computer USB bus, after receiving data to the PC host, will prompt to find new hardware, and began to install the USB driver. After the driver is installed, the user sees the file in the USB flash drive.

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When a user stores a data file in a USB drive, the master chip first detects the level signal of its write protection port. If the protection port is a high level signal, the main control chip then sends a read and write signal to the flash chip, and then the flash drives the data into it. If the protection port is a low level signal, the main control chip sends a write protection signal to the flash memory chip, and the flash memory will reject the data storage. TheUSB stick follows a certain communication protocol when interacting with the host. The USB drive described above is realized through descriptors, and USB descriptors mainly include device descriptors, configuration descriptors, interface descriptors, endpoint descriptors, and so on. When the USB drive is inserted into the host, the host will first ask the caller to return the device descriptor, which contains the device type and manufacturer information. The protocol used for transmission is determined by the interface descriptor, and the transport is included in the endpoint descriptor.

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