The benefits of discontinuing the usb disk cache

- Jun 02, 2018-

The benefits of discontinuing the usb flash drive cache

After using the U disk we generally to safely remove devices, although now the usb drive can be hot plug, but literally pull out always fear of injury, it is very likely cause data loss. Therefore, before you want to pull out the usb flash drive, you need to right click from the taskbar, select "safe remove hardware", and "stop" the hardware device. Here's a quick tip: just follow these tips and you won't have to bother:

Waerproof Usb Memory Flash Drive

First, plug the USB flash drive into the USB port of the computer, then right click "my computer", select "properties" and open the "system properties" dialog box.

Two, and then select the "hardware" TAB, click the "equipment management" button, open the "device manager", then right click on the "disk drive" in the corresponding usb stick Settings, select "properties", then open the usb device "properties" dialog box. Finally, open the policy TAB and select the "optimize for quick deletion" option.

In this way, the write cache on disk and in Windows will be disabled, so you can disconnect the usb drive without "secure deletion.

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