The cloud has transformed the bluetooth bluetooth speaker factory.

- May 18, 2018-

The traditional bluetooth speaker manufacturer in the sound quality, the appearance, the price fight is extremely fierce. However, if the manufacturing industry can take the lead in the cloud, it can realize the splendid transformation of the bluetooth speaker manufacturer and the content.

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Usually, the manufacturer only has one basic bluetooth speaker APP as follows:

1. The APP plays the local music, and supports the songs and USB drive songs in the SD card of the bluetooth speaker, and plays it in the bluetooth speaker box.

2. When the bluetooth speaker starts to play, the recording of the home page will be produced with the audio synchronization of the particle effect (in development), giving you the perfect visual and audio synchronization effect.

3. More sound box power instructions and sound box control, convenient for multiple bluetooth speaker switch.

4. Support the playback of all music and random music in the bluetooth speaker box, dynamically load the list of all songs in the sound box, and click and switch at any time.

5. Perfect visual presentation of the song you are playing, click the custom button to have more advanced EQ effects.

6. The sound box is the first to support the multi-customized sound effects such as ordinary, rock, pop, classical, soft and human voice. The first hardware has built-in audio eq algorithm to make the bluetooth speaker more perfect.

7. Auxiliary functions such as FM and heart rate are being driven by the hardware.

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If the cloud is added, the function is as follows:

1. Support the management of all Bluetooth stereo and APP users in the cloud;

2. Support the user wake-up service. Users can choose a hot friend to remind themselves of getting up or other things;

3. In the background, the operators can organize the favorite songs of users and classify them; Convenient intelligent organizing song list;

4. Introduce the lyrics of friends songs, or live broadcast;

5. Statistics of sound box walking area;

6. Star interaction;

7. More multi-function welcome discussion.

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