The difference between disk and memory

- May 15, 2018-

USB flash drive is short for USB, while USB flash drive is a homophone for USB flash drive. 

Wood Usb 2.0 Drive

Usb flash drive is a kind of flash memory, so it is also called flash disk. The biggest characteristic is: small and convenient to carry, storage capacity big, price is not expensive. Is one of the main mobile storage devices. Now the average U disk capacity is 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G or more, with the most common 8G for example, which can be bought in about 70 yuan. The U stick capacity has been greatly improved, such as: 32G, 64G usb flash disk. It's portable, it's a mobile storage device, it's not in the case, we can hang it on the chest, hang it on the keys, or even put it in our wallet.

Memory is the channel that connects the CPU and other devices to buffer and data exchange.

Walnut Wood USB Stick1.The function of memory and classified memory are the main components of the computer, which is relative to the external memory. The program, we use software such as Windows, typing, games, software, etc., are usually installed on the hard disk and other peripheral storage, but that's can't use its function, must put them to memory, can use its function, we usually enter a text, or play a game, are performed in memory. Usually we store a large amount of data that we want to save permanently, and store some temporary or small amounts of data and programs in memory.

2. Memory is divided into DRAM and ROM. The former is called dynamic random memory, and one of its main features is that the data will be lost after power failure. The latter also called read-only memory, we usually boot on the motherboard is stored in the ROM of the BIOS program, and then by it to invoke the hard disk of Windows or Linux system, ROM is a main feature of the data is not lost when the power is cut off.

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