The harm that u dish dials out directly

- Jun 06, 2018-

What harm does the usb flash drive do to you

Generally speaking, it depends on the interface of the USB stick. Generally, USB 1.0 does not support plug and play, while USB 2.0 supports plug and play, but it is better to delete it safely.

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If the file is finished, it won't cause much problem. However, if it is pulled out while transferring files, it will not only damage the usb flash drive, but also may cause damage to the computer operating system. The operating system will have a cache when writing data. If the usb flash drive is pulled out at this time, the data may be lost and the usb flash drive may be damaged.

All in all, don't bother, it's best to delete in safe mode. That way, U disk, computer operating system, and more importantly, data files are guaranteed security!

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