​The master solves the USB drive cannot open

- Jun 06, 2018-

USB flash drive is a small tool that we often use in our daily life, but we often hear from friends that the USB drive cannot be opened and there is no response when it is inserted into the computer. Is it because the wooden USB stick is broken? Is it because the USB stick is poisoned? Whatever the reason, let's look at the solution below, which may help you solve the problem of USB flash drive.

metal jar shape usb flash drive.jpg

Master solution to the USB drive can not open a brilliant way:

1. we can use elimination method, we want to confirm that the USB drive in, without any outside influence is mainly said USB drive into the water, USB drive (USB drive into the water to do?) serious fell to the ground. Or a USB flash drive failed. The best solution is to format the USB drive and then repartition the USB drive with a professional hard drive partition.

2. without any outside influence,metal USB flash drive can't identify won't open, that it is a good variety of, have to be a little bit of screening, first we need to check out our u disk inserted into the USB interface is when will flashing lights? And then into my computer to check whether there will be heavy new mobile disk, may show a disc or I plate, if not, that can is a computer can't recognize USB drive, USB interface may be bad, try to change the USB interface.

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3. If there is a new mobile disk, but the most open, click on the first of all, I suggest install antivirus software to check whether poisoning the USB drive, a comprehensive USB drive scan, if scan cleaned out of the virus, and then you can open the USB drive.

4. USB drive on the computer does not open, must first to test the computer's USB port, is normal, as well as anti-virus screening was carried out on the mini USB drive, normal, just look at external reasons of USB drive, USB drive is damaged, this way, just to solve the problem of USB drive can't open it.

Most of the time, the user is met when using USB USB drive open question, not in don't know the specific reason, eliminate the influence of external factors, the user can try the above method to solve.