The reason why the U disk cannot be booted after reinstalling the system and the countermeasures

- May 05, 2018-

Everyone using the u-disk system must be panicked, and even searching online for various tutorials cannot be resolved. There are many reasons why the utility USB flash drive cannot be booted normally after reinstalling the system. Next, analyze the causes of the problem and the solutions.
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1.the main boot area of the data is destroyed

When the contents of the main boot area are damaged by a virus or tampered with by other programs, it will cause the system to stop when it is turned on.

Solution: For the boot sector of the hard disk's main boot area is destroyed, we can use the Fdisk / MBR command to repair, or use the disk editing function of the KV3000 to find the other 62 sectors of the 0 lane 0 side there is a backup of the main boot area The program will be restored to 0 0 area 0 area.

2motherboard failure

The main problem is that there are problems with the hard disk controller on the motherboard, causing unstable data transmission and too high error rate.

Solution: You can consult the motherboard manual about the CMOS jumper and clear the CMOS, but here we must pay attention to: in the clear CMOS settings must be unplugged the host power cord or the host power switch is set to off or 0.

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3. hardware replacement or change

When the host's hardware configuration changes, after the system is reinstalled, the computer will use the POST function. However, the system cannot identify the newly added hardware, or it will start according to the old configuration, so the failure to boot normally will occur. (It is also possible that the newly added hardware is not compatible)

Solution: Restore the state before the hardware change and check whether the system can start normally.

4.BIOS settings are wrong

When the BIOS settings are incorrect, when the hard disk mode is set to an error, an error such as the setting of the read/write parameters of the memory may cause the failure to start the boot properly.

Solution: You can try to reconfigure the "PNP/PCI configuration" and "Reset Configuration Data" in the BIOS. The option settings are "YES" and "Enabled" respectively. You can also make the “Force Update ESCD” BIOS option set to “Enabled”. You can try both of these settings, and then save the file and exit, and then try to see if it can start normally.

USB drive reinstalled after the system can not normally boot the reasons and countermeasures are the above aspects, u disk installed system failures are common, causing a lot of super friends can not install their own hands, I'm afraid there will be U disk reinstall the system can not boot normally, so we must understand the above solution, in order to successfully solve their problems Oh.

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