The removal of two kinds of USB drive viruses.

- May 23, 2018-

The USB flash drive is the most easily infected mobile device, and the following is an introduction to the two common methods of cleaning up the USB flash drive.

1. Clear metal USB stick virus, can pass LNK file, LNK file is used to point to other file (for example, program) a kind of file. These files are usually called shortcut files. They are usually placed on the desktop in a shortcut, which makes it easy for users to call their extensions quickly.

".lnk "is the extension of the default shortcut for WINDOWS system. If the" folder option "is set to" hide the extension of known file type ", "LNK" is not displayed normally. The extension of the shortcut appears to show that the WINDOWS setup is interrupted and the shortcut is unrecognized.

wood usb 2.0 drive.jpg

Methods of repair of toxic wooden USB flash drive:

(1) click "start", "run", type "CMD", enter the command prompt state, and enter assoc. LNK =lnkfile with the keyboard, and press enter.

(2) click "start", "run", type "regedit", enter the registry, and search ".lnk "key under" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECLASSES ", and modify its value as "lnkfile", save it, and the two methods are the same.

multi function usb pen drive.jpg

2. To clear the mini USB drive virus, you can display the hidden files in the "folder option" by using the autorun.inf file, and check whether there is an autorun.inf file. If there is any, enter the command to delete:

Attrib autorun. Inf - a-s-r-h return /* remove the four properties of autorun.inf*/ el autorun.inf return /* delete autorun.inf*/ in the hard disk autorun.inf file can be deleted in the same way. This completes the removal of the USB stick virus.