The strategy of killing the USB stick thoroughly

- May 24, 2018-

The strategy of killing the USB stick thoroughly

Usb flash drive brings a lot of convenience to our life and study. It is necessary to copy data and backup files. Due to the frequent use of metal USB drive, it is hard to avoid the case that the files cannot be completely deleted due to poisoning. How to deal with this problem?

grenade style usb flash drive.jpg

The easiest and most convenient way is to format the USB flash drive.

Open the "computer" (my computer), find the metal USB stick drive, right click on the USB drive in the drop-down list, click on the "format", in the event of a tick under the window of "quick format", click start

Sometimes we can't format a mini USB flash drive using the above method when we are poisoned. Here's another way to format your USB flash drive:

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Right click on the "computer" (my computer), under the menu select "management" open "computer management" window, and then point at the bottom of the "disk management", on the right window, sees a disk 1, and the disk is wooden USB stick area.

Right-click on this TAB and select "format" from the menu that appears on the right. A prompt will appear and click "yes".

Select "quick formatting" in the window that pops up and press the "start" button to force formatting.

After the above steps are set up, we can remove the USB stick virus completely. If you're looking for a way to kill your USB stick, try formatting it quickly.