​The two encryption methods of USB flash drive and their respective characteristics

- May 26, 2018-

The two encryption methods of USB flash drive and their respective characteristics are explained in detail

USB stick is we are used to store equipment, since it is a storage device, which is bound to have important document, in order to avoid the USB stick was lost after the materials fall into the hands of others, so it is necessary for us to analyze metal USB stick encryption.

However, most of my friends don't know much about the encryption methods of USB flash drive. Today we are going to learn about the two encryption methods and features of USB drive in detail.

The USB drive is divided into two encryption methods: software encryption and hardware encryption. This can be broken down into several different implementations, so let's first look at what hardware encryption and software encryption are.

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Hardware encryption: mainly keyboard encryption, swipe card encryption, fingerprint encryption, etc.

Software encryption: there are mainly password encryption, certificate encryption, optical disk encryption, etc.

Each has its own advantages. Hardware encryption of metal USB flash drive is more reliable than software encryption in data security, and it is plug and play. It is more convenient to use without installing encrypted password software. The software encryption of wooden USB drive is lower than 32G USB drive hardware encryption in technology and cost, which is easy to implement and cost-effective. Therefore, software encryption products on the market are cheaper than hardware encryption products.

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From a security perspective, the software than hardware encryption is more easy to be cracked, like a brute force software, the product format, the stored data of flash chip removal and other extreme way, are easily crack metal USB stick internal software encryption. Relatively speaking, leather USB stick hardware encryption because of encryption technology is curing in hardware control chip, the USB stick encryption process is almost do not leave any traces on the computer, also passed in the form of cryptograph password transmission process, so it is difficult to be a Trojan intercepted, even given the intercept is garbled, so USB stick hardware cracking possibility is very low.

USB flash drive encryption is divided into hardware encryption and software encryption. Different carriers have different encryption methods. For example, software encryption has certificate encryption, while hardware encryption has swipe card encryption. But in terms of security, software encryption is easier to crack than hardware encryption.

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As you can see here, I'm sure you can see both types of mini USB flash drive encryption. The purpose of encryption is to protect the data in the USB drive. The importance of data will determine how you encrypt it.