The USB descriptor

- May 23, 2018-

USB descriptors mainly include device descriptors, configuration descriptors, interface descriptors, endpoint descriptors, and so on.

Metal Jar Shape USB Flash Drive(1) device descriptor.

When the USB device is plugged into the host, the host first requests the other party to send back its device descriptor, which contains the device type and manufacturer information.

(2) configuration descriptor.

The configuration descriptor is used to define the capabilities of the device.

(3) interface descriptor.

The protocol used for transport is determined by the interface descriptor.

(4) endpoint descriptor.

The transport mode is included in the endpoint descriptor.

USB interfaces and endpoints.

The interface refers to which hardware in the device should exchange information with USB flash drive. Mass storage supports an interface (data interface) that contains three ports. Endpoints are hardware devices that exchange information with USB. An interface is a collection of endpoints.

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