​The USB drive file cannot be deleted

- Jun 02, 2018-

Meet how to delete all delete not to drop the USB stick files, you must be very depressed, but in the USB stick folder delete not to drop for many reasons, have a plenty of virus causes, have a plenty of because there are system files in metal pen USB flash drive, have a plenty of because USB stick read and write data error, but since we want to delete it must be think it is not much use, encounter this kind of phenomenon what shall we do? The following is a brief introduction to how to handle deleting files.

metal usb strick.jpg

1. Open the computer resource manager in the system and select the USB disk first.

2. Click the right mouse button and select the "properties" option in the menu.

3. Then click the "tools" column at the top of the property window.

4. Then click the "start checking" button in the tool TAB.

5. Next, please click the "start" button to start the file repair of the USB flash drive.

6. Wait for the system to repair the file system of waterproof USB drive.

7. When the repair is complete, the previously deleted files should disappear from the USB drive and restore the space occupied by the files. In addition, according to my personal experience, if files cannot be deleted frequently on the USB flash drive, there may be a failure on the USB drive, or there may be a failure on the USB drive. Normally, when you copy a file from your USB drive, the speed is about 9M per second. If the speed is around 4M, it is very likely that the USB drive is failing. If something goes wrong, it is suggested to replace it in time.

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Above is about USB stick file delete not to drop the emergency treatment method, actually meet such problems mostly caused by daily operation is not standard, we need to pay attention to the USB stick to maintain at ordinary times don't often appear all sorts of problems. Like this tutorial for operation, daily maintenance for 64G USB stick is also has very important significance, in addition, such as for USB stick defragmenter are USB stick maintenance operations, we both need to memorize