​The USB drive file was deleted?

- Jun 02, 2018-

Small USB carry data can see at any time, as the work is busy, and the increasing of the data file, file is often we need to sort out, so we will inevitably to delete the file. Sometimes we come across a situation where we want to restore a deleted file. What should we do then?

Restoring and deleting files depends on several conditions:

1. Use proper wooden USB drive data recovery software.

2. Size and type of data to be restored. Generally, text data is easy to recover, small data file are easy to recover, image format files are difficult to recover due to data coverage problems, and streaming media may partially recover.

3. data of metal USB drive is not covered.

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Steps to restore and delete files:

1. First determine the cause of data loss. If the data is formatted or deleted due to the wrong operation, it is more likely to restore the data. What you need to do at this point is to prevent the writing of the mini USB drive. You should first go to the Internet to find a common data recovery software to prepare the data recovery work.

2. Professional data recovery software (for commercial data recovery) is expensive. Generally, it's free. First connect the waterproof USB stick to the computer and run the data recovery software.

3. Choose to restore, delete and lose files. Then choose to restore and delete the file (or lose the file) while selecting the moving disk where you need to restore the data. The program starts scanning the data.

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4. There are many view files for scanning results. Below the scan results view is a filter that allows you to filter files by name or suffix. (video and image files sometimes have filename names, suggest suffix search) find the file you want to restore and select it and click restore. Restore to other hard disk space (not directly to the original 64G USB flash drive) USB home

5. The recovery effect is directly related to the software. If the recovery effect of a USB data recovery software is not satisfactory, it is recommended to try other software for data recovery. The recovered file may be damaged at the same time. It is recommended to use the corresponding repair software to try to preview or repair the file. Those that cannot be fixed will save the preview part with useful data.

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As is known to all, USB stick file will not enter the system usually empty recycle bin but directly by, so in view of the leather USB stick to delete file recovery processing, we need to specifically note recovery method. According to our solution, we believe that the recovery of files deleted by USB flash drive will be better.