The use of flash drives.

- May 05, 2018-

Do not restart the installation flash.

Some USB stick by default USES the FAT file format, once the format of the USB drive is installed in the Windows 98 system environment, system may require you to restart the system after installed USB stick, only like this USB drive can be normal work! Is there any way to make the USB stick work without restarting at installation? Actually very simple, as long as you to insert the USB drive to install more than Windows 2000 version in the system of the computer, and then to formatting of USB stick, and chooses the FAT32 format, in the format screen such a formatted USB drive in Windows 98 system to install, you don't need to restart the system.

Improve the performance of USB stick.2d pvc custom designed usb flash drive.jpg

As we all know Windows in executing copy or shearing operation, all need to save content in the cache first, and then you can write to the USB drive, so the size of the cache space directly affects the copy, paste, the speed of operation; In order to effectively improve the data exchange rate of USB stick, you can optimize the flash performance by following the following methods:

Open the "my computer" window, right-click the flash icon, and execute the properties from the pop-up menu. Click "ldquo" in the next flash property Settings window. The hardware TAB, and double-click the name of the USB drive in the corresponding TAB page, and in the Settings window that is opened later, the ldquo; Optimize the options for performance optimization, and then click ok, and the performance of the USB stick will be improved to a certain extent. But when using the optimization methods, when removing the USB drive in the future, must through the system in the task bar "safely remove hardware" feature to finish, otherwise the service life of the USB stick will be greatly reduced.

Don't forceto stop the USB usb flash drive.jpg

The right way to remove the USB stick should be accomplished through the "safely remove hardware" icon, and can be used in the actual work of USB drive, you'll often find in the window of "safely remove hardware", still cannot will USB stick safely remove it. In this case, you might as well put all content related to the USB drive window closed, one by one at the same time, will visit USB stick are all applications at all, of course, also want to include a notable firewall or antivirus software program. If these measures will still can't USB drive safety stop, then you might as well executed in sequence "start"/" turn off "command, the shutdown option open window, select" logout "command, wait until the system after the cancellation to log back in again, then try to through the" safely remove hardware "icon to deactivate USB stick and see, if still won't do, then directly to the computer shut down, and in the case of a disconnect the host power supply, remoal of USB drive directly, so won't harm the USB stick.

Speed up access to USB drive.

In order to speed up the speed of the USB stick, you must have the capacity of the USB drive properly partitioned; On USB stick partition, try to use its built-in program to partition, and set the USB flash drivepartition shoulds not be too much, it is best to set up two partitions, one is used to store need frequent access and relatively important information, and considering the safety, should add access password, the partition and the partition size control in 5 m or so, another partition is used to store some of the common and not confidential information, and don't need to add the partition access password. In this way, you will be able to access the previous partition faster than the entire USB stick, and the information stored in the partition will be safe. Always use a usb USB stick, but do you have the correct usb drive?

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