U disk boot into winpe after the desktop icon is missing how to solve

- May 30, 2018-

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Frequently installed system friends encountered the problem of winpe after the U disk had a good startup disk, one of which was when installing the system, some computers had problems with winpe desktop icons, but most computers were not problematic. What happened to this situation?

【problem causes】:

    The key to this problem is that the USB flash drive was not recognized during the process of loading winpe. Note that the process is in progress, causing the external program to fail to be imported. Another possible reason is that some driver files of winpe are incomplete.

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    In fact, this is normal, for example, on some hp desktops, several icons are displayed after entering, while other HP desktops or assemblers display normal. Generally encountered such a problem, I use the U disk's HDD to start, into win8pe can show normal, because occasionally encounter pe but can not see the drive letter.

    Another solution is to change a winpe, for a boot disk production tools, etc., it is recommended for which drivers are more full, this problem is more cdrom boot disk.

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