U disk can not be formatted how to do

- Apr 26, 2018-

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Method one-solve with the system's own manager

  Many people do not know that the system comes with a disk manager, the control panel --- "system and security" -- "create and format hard disk partitions" can find it, you can also find it with a shortcut method, we click on the desktop On the 'My Computer (Computer)' icon, right-click and in the pop-up menu, left-click on 'Management'. In the pop-up dialog box, find the storage - 'Disk Management': then click on Disk Management. Out of all your storage devices, including hard drives, USB sticks, removable hard drives, etc. Then select the U disk you need to format, then right-click and select Format in the pop-up menu. The popup window will prompt that all the data on the disk will be lost. Are you sure you want to format the disk partition? Direct click Yes, this will solve the U disk can not be formatted. Then it will be automatically formatted, if the U disk is not a problem, then it should be successfully formatted, of course, the problem is not small, then do not worry, fail, then look next.

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Method two-using the old tool Usboot to solve

Although the system comes with tools can not be formatted, but we can use a number of small tools to achieve the same purpose of formatting, the depth of its formatting is not the same, all the more resolved to handy, the preferred mass production network to download this Usboot, it is very small, Can be used directly to open, this time we plug the U disk, and then open the tool, and then select our usb flash drive, careful not to choose the wrong. After selecting U disk, click here to select the working mode. In the pop-up menu, select zip mode and click Yes. The software will automatically create a boot disk for the U disk and format it during the production process. Formatting is different from the system's own. After the success, we re-unplug the U disk and then plug it into the computer. At this time, shut down the software and double-click the U disk letter directly in my computer. At this time, the U disk needs to be formatted. Click Formatting. You can, and then you can successfully format, to this U disk can not be formatted to solve.

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Method 3- using a dedicated      U disk repair tool to solve

 If the above method still does not successfully format the U disk, then we need to use more powerful characters, special U disk formatting software, it is "Kingston u disk write protection repair tool Restore", mass production network search can Found it, although written Kingston, but any U disk can be used. Can see particularly simple, the entire software on the two buttons, a format, a repair, when we plug in the usb drive,it can identify, pay attention to do not choose to the hard disk, and then we click directly on the format, determine After waiting a few seconds to be successful, and then go to my computer to see if the U disk is not completely repaired, if not successful, we continue to click on the repair button to try it out, the actual test used this tool to fix a lot of can not be formatted U disk, the success rate is very high, if it can not format u disk, then your U disk is a bit bad, but there are still ways.

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