U disk can not open how to repair

- May 29, 2018-

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U disk can not open this symptom, generally locked in two situations: one is U disk lock did not open, one is in the Autorun virus. These two conditions have been handicapped to me, so they took over the job. Whoever wanted to try it on a U disk was excluded.


   After the computer is plugged in, the USB drive letter is displayed. To prevent the virus from running automatically, select the right key to open it, but the system is falsely dead, but unfortunately it ends the Explorer process. Also called out the command prompt, access to the next U drive letter, is very honored and card letter. It seems that U disk is not easy to handle, but I also identified the virus and the volume file is damaged.

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Before proceeding to the next step, I did an obituary first. Do not be ugly. My route is: Format U disk and restore data. I tried the Format command and failed as expected. I also thought of Iformat as a gadget that could not be opened on her home computer. Just happened to see users mentioned a gadget Uformat, used it to delete the volume file, U diskis good, format, and then use Recover My File to restore the file, get most of the files, save to U disk. After the documents and U-disks were finished, Zhao Zhao's aunt turned off.

Remind everyone: This situation is mostly caused by the abnormal insertion of U disk, especially the U disk of some small manufacturers, it is very prone to various problems, I hope everyone can exit the U disk in a regular way to prevent such cups from happening.

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