U disk can not start how to do

- May 30, 2018-

Nowadays, installing a computer system has become quite simple. We only need to mass-produce a small U disk or make it into a boot disk to implement a USB stick installation system, which is compact and fast. When using the U disk to install the system, you need to set up the computer to boot from the U disk, but many users have been stumped by this step, and many friends said U disk can not start how to do?

How to set up a USB flash drive for the BIOS:


usb flash drive for wedding gift.jpgMany people encounter some computer motherboards booting from the USB boot to the main menu, can not enter the PE system or enter the PE system can not identify the hard disk or can not be a key to install the system, the solution: restart the boot into the BIOS to set the hard disk mode AHCI IDE & SATA mode will do.

To start the computer boot from the U disk, like to use a CD to the computer installed system to let the computer boot from the CD, it must be set when the computer is turned on, because the difference of the computer motherboard so the method is also set differently, to set from U disk boot most computers have two buttons (methods) can choose

Method 1: Boot 2-4 seconds, keep pressing the ESC, F12, F8, Tab, F11, F1, F2, F9, etc. [most of the computer will have a prompt when the computer is turned on, the time is very short and you must pay attention to see the hand quickly] The selection screen will appear, directly select the boot from the USB flash drive (USB-CDROM, USB-HDD\ZIP\USB-***, etc.) This method is the most simple and convenient, but also the trend, it is recommended, but this method may be Too old computer motherboard does not support.

Method 2: Boot 2-4 seconds Press F2, DEL, arrow keys, F11, etc., to enter the BIOS setup first boot item (USB-CDROM, USB-HDD\USB-***, etc.) Then save - Restart, it is too much trouble, it requires a certain amount of computer operation knowledge!

Here are some solutions that cannot be started:

Recently put the motherboard into the U disk after the boot press ESC, Tab, F12, F11, etc. will appear all the startup items supported by the motherboard, or a one-time temporary, will not change the original BIOS settings, use the up and down keys can Select Biostar 945GZ I use now is F9, can support a big principle, temporary startup item selection is already a general trend, but the manufacturers may change, but are still located in the F key, and in the BIOS for hardware detection Use the highlighted word prompt on the screen and watch it to find it.

Also encountered some older DELL computer motherboard BIOS does not have a USB CDROM boot entry, only the hard drive \USBHDD \ drive \ network card 4 boot items (Internal HDD \ USB Storage Device \ CD-DVD Drive \ Onboard NIC) only supports USBHDD for The first boot entry system USB boot can not boot from the USBCDROM, and then after repeated trial and error set the optical drive as the first boot entry to remove the optical drive to pull out, insert the system USB drive even from the USBCDROM boot successfully! The test proved that this type of motherboard USBCDROM boot entry is occupied by the optical drive, if you then encounter this type of motherboard, then remove the optical drive or disable it in the BIOS inside, this way almost all computers with USB interface Can support boot from USBCDROM! The success rate should be above 99%. USBCDROM is the first mainstream startup.

crystal heart shaped usb flash drive.jpgNow encounter a few acer, lenovo, dell machine boot is to press f12 into the boot device selection menu; Foxconn and Asus's new motherboard has pressed ESC to enter the boot menu items; Yesterday installed a Founder computer plug-in versatility USB disk boot press Tab directly on the all-round USB drive CDROM boot; Motherboard Biostar 690G, boot, press F9 to enter the boot selection menu; Unika 845G motherboard, press the ESC key.

I also encountered some of the new motherboards from Foxconn and Asus that have pressed ESC to enter the boot menu first. ASUS P4V800D-X motherboard, the startup shortcut is F8, there is a MSI 845PE motherboard, shortcut keys F11, MSI 865PE is the same; the SOYO SY-N52D-RL is the ESC; the C51 motherboard is also pressing the ESC key temporary Select the startup item; Gigabyte GA-945GZM, the shortcut key is F12, you can directly call up the boot menu. According to my installed experience, the new motherboard now has a quick start menu function. The general is F12. The way to find a shortcut key is to start the computer, look at the bottom is not a BOOT*** such a prompt, if there is a bold key in front of it. Unika 845G motherboard, shortcut keys press ESC. I also encountered some new motherboards from Foxconn and Asus that had to press ESC to enter the boot menu item.

U after booting some issues: Some computers may not know which one is the U disk boot option after pressing F12 to enter the boot selection menu. For dual boot, the general computer can correctly give USB-CDROM, or USB- HDD starts, but some computers only know the manufacturer and model of the U disk. This will cause the project text of the dual-boot option to be the same. For example, the DT101G2 displays the same two, and everyone can't figure out which one is the HDD startup. CDROM started. This situation is generally the first one is the CDROM second HDD started.

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