U disk common problem how to solve

- May 31, 2018-

Cabinet usb flash drive, can be stored in a large amount of data, easy to carry, using the characteristics of simple, make it become an important means to store important data, also often use the copy of the file. However, some problems are encountered occasionally in the use process, which is very frustrating and frustrating. The following is a brief introduction of the problems encountered and how to solve them.

1. Prompt "file or directory is damaged and cannot be read"

After meet U disk inserted into the computer, see "file or directory damage cannot read" when prompted, it represents the usb stick likely two situations: one is physical damage, only repair, is a kind of logical errors, you can try to use the following method to repair.

Into the "my computer", right click on the usb drive, choose "properties", select "tools" in the pop-up properties panel, in turn, click on "check", "start", the U disk for inspection and repair.

Cute Animals USB Flash Drive

2.The usb flash drive is not displayed in the computer

Sometimes, the computer does not recognize the USB flash drive after it is inserted, but there is no problem with the USB port. In this case, the following steps should be followed to solve the problem.

The methods/steps are as follows:

1. Right click the "computer" icon, and then click "management";

2. In the "computer management window", click the triangle on the left of "storage" and click "disk management" in the drop-down list that appears;

3. Right click on the usb drive that cannot be displayed, and select "change drive and road strength" in the menu;

4. Click "change" in the dialog box; Reselect an unused disk and click ok.

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