U disk inserted in the computer long-term impact U disk life

- Apr 28, 2018-


     Generally do not plug in the computer for a long time, on the one hand, the chip has a read and write life, although ten thousand; In addition, some high-speed USB chip chip heat is relatively large, a long time on the chip is not good. Moreover, from the point of view of data security, you don't care about the random modification of some files. Many friends who have a USB flash drive often insert the usb flash drive into the USB port and do not unplug it for convenience. Do you know that this approach poses a great security risk to your personal data?

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For the friends who often surf the Internet, the resources on the Internet are too "rich" now. In addition to useful resources, there are many Trojan horses that are "harassed" everywhere. They may "sneak" into your USB flash drive someday. The data in it causes irreparable damage. Therefore, in order to ensure that the usb drive data does not suffer losses, it is best to remove the data after copying it; or turn off its write switch.

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If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system, and open the hibernation memory function, then the system will return to normal state after entering the hibernation standby state, it is easy to modify the data in the U disk, once When it happens, the loss of important data will make you cry.

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U disk is a device that supports hot swap. But pay attention to the following aspects: When the U disk is reading or saving data (at this time the U disk's lights are flashing), we must not pull out the U disk, if you pull out at this time, it is easy to damage the U disk or Is one of the data; again, usually do not frequently plug, otherwise easily lead to loose USB interface; three, in the process of inserting the usb flash drive must not use brute force, when the plug does not go in, do not hard plug, can adjust Angle and orientation.

Because the U disk is not powered, and the USB has +5V power, a long time is to charge the U disk, but the U disk itself does not have a battery, there is no place for excess power. A long time naturally has a certain impact on the chip!

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