U disk inside the file name all garbled how to do

- May 28, 2018-

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U disk inside the file name is garbled, and the file can not be deleted. Always pop up error message when deleting.

This is a typical U disk virus situation, for this virus, the best way is to format the U disk. Method: Open "My Computer", find the "Removable Disk" (U disk) drive letter, right-click, select "Format" in the pop-up menu, select "Quick Format", and then click "Start" .

However, some viruses are more powerful. When using the above method to format, the overall prompt cannot be formatted. In this case, share a mandatory formatted method.

Forcibly format the method: Right-click "My Computer", select the "Management" pop-up menu, open the "Computer Management" window, then click "Disk Management" on the left, in the right window, you will see the removable disk 1, this The disk is the USB flash drive area. Right-click the drive letter and select Format. A prompt will pop up. The format operation will delete the file on the disk. Select Yes. Then select "Quick Format" again and click "Start" to force formatting. In order to completely kill the virus.

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