U disk operation is not normal how to do

- May 29, 2018-

  USB interface One of the necessary interfaces for today's personal computers and a large number of smart devices, it can be said that the application is very wide, but in the face of more and more USB devices, the computer will give everyone a little problem, such as USB device operation Not normal, the following and everyone to discuss the USB stick is not operating in the end is how is it?

leather bracelet usb stick.jpg  Basically everyone will use the USB interface device basically has a mobile phone, U disk, keyboard, mouse, card reader, etc. If the USB device is not operating normally, we must first determine whether it is our USB problem or computer USB Interface problems? To determine whether the problem is not a computer is very simple, try to change the interface to know? Judgment is not the same as the USB device method. You can clearly understand the alternative USB device.

  If it is a computer USB interface, we must first look at the computer is not a virus, the virus destroyed some important components, followed by a look at the computer's USB interface is not enough power, the USB device is inserted behind the USB interface Try, and then followed by a look at our driver is installed correctly, generally in our computer's device manager, USB serial port controller will see the word, if there is a yellow exclamation mark that the driver has a problem , then we need to reinstall the computer driver;

  There is also a note that our USB device will generally display an installation driver option when linking to a computer. Is this a problem here? If the software conflict, USB device compatibility is generally not displayed? Therefore, the USB flash drive  will not work normally. For example, the USB mouse used by Xiao Bian may suddenly fail. Even if another interface or other mouse can be used, restart the computer. When it returns to normal, this may be caused by a conflict.


  If not, then it may be a computer hardware problem. We first use a multimeter to measure the USB four lines (red +5V white DATA-DATA-green DATA-DATA - BLACK GND) multimeter red table pen to black ground pen measurement (white line and 渌 line. The resistance is not different from 50 ohms, These two lines are from the South Bridge, if the resistance change is too large, it can be judged as the problem of the South Bridge, which shows that the USB module inside the South Bridge is burned out. Even if there is no driver, it will not come out unrecognized. There are several cases where there is no recognition.

airplane-model metal usb flash drive.jpg  One, the USB data line is not accessible or poor contact are generally in contact with that place because of the long time may have rust in the inside, there may also be things in the inside blocking.

Second, the USB cable is blocked. The red line does not have any response, and the white line cannot be identified. The green line is also unrecognizable. White lines and green lines cannot be reversed. It is also unrecognized. The black line does not respond and there is no response. This measurement method has already been mentioned above. Note that a low voltage of 5V on the red line can also cause unrecognition.

  Third, the internal problems of the USB board. 1 poor crystal, can not start vibration. 2 Defective crystal capacitor (20P) There are two bad 3 resistors. The reset voltage is higher than the bottom. 4 The three-terminal IC is not good enough for the IC. 5. The main IC is bad. This requires that you replace the hardware as the case may be.


  If it is a problem with a USB device, let's first see if it is a problem with the device itself. You can try it on another computer. For example, if we are a mobile hard disk, we can try another data cable or try another hard disk drive. One type, we can see if it is a problem of setting. If it is set incorrectly, it will cause problems.

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