U disk power supply how to solve

- May 12, 2018-

  Whether or not everyone understands that the u disk needs power supply to operate normally does not understand that it does not matter, U disk power shortage will appear some small signs, such as the computer can not be used normally or the computer can not correctly identify the situation, so next to take everyone to understand U disk Insufficient power supply solution.

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1. Desktop U disk power supply can not be used

Due to the relatively small operating current required for U disk, it is usually used on desktop computers. If it can not be used, we can insert the U disk into the USB interface on the back of the desktop chassis, because the power of the back socket Big. If you can not use before and after, then see if it is not U disk or USBb interface is broken.

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2.Notebook U disk power supply can not be used

If the notebook does not use power, but uses the battery to run, there is a possibility that the U-disk power supply will be insufficient, because the battery mode output will be less than 500mA, sometimes higher, due to unstable power, so there will be unable to In the case of identification, we can plug in the power supply and use a USB flash drive. If the notebook's USBb circuit is aging, use a data cable with an additional power connector.

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3.Make sure that the U disk is under-powered when there is no 

problem with the computer and the USB interface

This situation may be that your USB stick requires a relatively large power supply, you can try to buy one end is an interface, the other is an extension of the two USB interfaces, while the two interfaces are plugged in the computer, usually to solve the lack of power .

 In this way, the reasons for the lack of U disk power supply and solutions for everyone to offer, u disk power supply will seriously affect the quality of everyone's work, and even the situation can not be identified unusable, we must not think that u disk is damaged, Seriously identifying the causes and solutions is the key. I hope to be useful to everyone.

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