U disk prompt error code 10 solution

- May 12, 2018-

 U disk has become a companion tool in our work, so the usual u disk problems do not seem rare and strange, then, when your u disk into the computer, suddenly prompted the error code 10 but do not understand to solve some very annoying Well, the following quick start Xiaobian take you to understand the U disk prompt error code 10 solution.

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                     U disk prompt error code 10 solution:

Method one: Test on two computers to detect whether the problem is a computer or a USB flash drive. If it is a problem with the computer, then the computer can be detected and repaired.

Method two: If it is just the problem of the ordinary U disk itself, you can try to format it after saving the file, or use a low-volume production grid to repair it.

Method 3: If the above method still cannot be solved, you can find the "Device Manager" in the computer management interface, and then find the "USB Root Hub" corresponding to the U disk, and then check the "Power Save Settings" Removed, so that U disk can 

become more stable.


wood usb flash drive.jpgThe above is a few methods that can be dealt with when the U disk prompts an error code of 10. If your U disk has such a problem, you can try the above method to solve it.

The above three methods can successfully respond to U disk error code 10, when your U disk can not be opened or closed, and prompt the error message must pay attention to it, so as to quickly find the problem to solve the problem quickly, we also need to understand how Prolong the useful life of U disk.


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