U disk shell material which classification

- Apr 28, 2018-

◆Card usb stick:

metal credit card usb flash drive.jpg

Also known as "card concept U disk" and "business card concept U disk", made of ABS material, appearance and standard bank card, length and width of 85 * 52MM, thickness of 1.2-2MM. The U disk of the card can be an excellent advertising carrier because it can print a variety of exquisite color designs, and becomes the first choice for the electronic gift industry. Ordinary usb drive to promote, such as |: U card business card, U card membership card, U disk graduation commemorative card, and so on.

◆PVC soft usb flash drive:

    pvc gifts custom usb drive.jpg

PVC material shell material, soft texture, modeling variety, can be molded into animals, plants and other various. Can be customized according to the design of a personalized model, full sense of design, creative advertising gifts, business gifts of choi

◆Wooden U disk:


The shell material is made of bamboo or wood, giving the imbamboo twist usb flash drives.jpgpression of environmental protection.

Mini usb flash drive: It has the features of thin appearance, small size, light weight, etc. The chip has many black colloids, no more than one thumb's long width, and the material is not limited. Some styles are also designed into the appearance of jewelry and can be carried around.

◆Leather case U disk:

high quality pu eather usb flash drives.jpg

It is mainly used as a U disk shell leather, leather and more leather, the color can be selected, the shape is also diverse, but most of them are used for the key chain. LOGO more use of stamps.

◆U disk pen

metal waterproof pen usb flash drives.jpg

The combination of pen and usb stick is a kind of pen that can be easily removed as U disk when used. And the overall coordination and beauty; including the pen body and U disk, the conventional style is mostly loaded with the original ballpoint pen body, the new type of pen U disk is relatively uncommon, the structure is often divided into the body and the pen body. Some laser pointers with LED lights that can be used as pointers, as well as materials are also divided: aluminum, copper, zinc alloy, ABS.

◆Ceramic U disk:

The use of blue and white porcelain ideas, the use of exquisite porcelain shell, unique appearance, the overall design is simple, very Chinese style beauty, is a perfect combination of traditional and modern technology.

◆Liquid U disk:

Also called oil U disk, shell material is transparent ABS material (acrylic), is added in the U disk shell water, beer, oil, juice or an industrial liquid and floats sealed into the shell Use more transparent or translucent. It looks like it is crystal clear and has a strong appreciation. Mostly used as personal gifts, business gifts, etc.

Advertising gifts, ornamental value greater than practical value, belong to a branch of gift U disk

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