U disk static problem how to do

- May 21, 2018-

  It is inevitable that we generate static electricity during the fall and winter seasons, but it does not mean that static electricity on the USB drive can be ignored. This problem is easily overlooked by everyone. Although the power of the USB drive is not large, it is still very dangerous, so we must pay attention to it. The relevant solution to the electrostatic problem on the disk,

wood usb memory stick (1).jpg

U disk solution to the problem of static electricity:

1, the computer power cord is not connected

Connect the power supply ground wire. The screws on the main board of the computer chassis are not insulated. Do not add insulating gaskets on the top of the board. This may cause radiated noise and static electricity.

2, the host is not grounded

In the process of plugging and unplugging the U disk will also carry static electricity, this situation will make the entire sheet metal chassis generate static electricity, very dangerous, it will also lead to computer crashes, run into this situation suggest cutting off the computer power supply, re-examine the conductivity of everywhere equipment.

U disk static solution to the problem for everyone to share here, in fact, we u disk inserted and pulled out of the computer static phenomenon is very injured, u disk and the human body will have a lot of damage, so the partner must pay attention to Avoid more things happening and hope to be inspiring to everyone.

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