U disk transmission speed instability how to solve

- May 17, 2018-

 When the u disk was copying files, the transmission speed was unstable, which slowed down the work process. For u disk transmission speed instability this situation, then share the reasons for the u disk transmission speed instability and solutions.

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           U disk transmission speed instability causes analysis:

1.The computer's data transmission and its own configuration, if the computer configuration and USB flash drive quality, then the transmission speed is very fast, otherwise it is slow. If there are other programs running during the data transfer, this will also result in slower transmission speeds.

2.U disk file system type format will also affect the data transmission speed. U disk has 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 these three interfaces, which also has a direct relationship with data transmission. There are u disk life, for the regular format u disk, this will have a greater damage to the u disk hardware, so the u disk speed is reduced.

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           U disk transmission speed instability solution:

1. During the process of transferring data from the u disk, close other running programs first. Update your computer's usb driver and hardware configuration.

2. The u disk file system type format selected as FAT32 type, use usb2.0 interface, it is best 3.0 interface, and update the usb driver. Minimize the u disk format to delete the file data.

U disk transmission speed instability solutions for everyone to share the end, when you encounter USB stick needs to transfer large files, u disk transmission speed is fast and slow, always affect the work efficiency, we can encounter problems can refer to The above operation to solve, I hope useful to everyone.

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