Unusual signs common to u disk poisoning

- May 04, 2018-

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1.When u disk is inserted into the computer usb socket for use, the system will appear suspended animation or slow operation, which is one of the most common symptoms of u disk poisoning, the virus will spread the virus when we use it. Into the computer system, thus occupying system memory resources through frequent self-reproduction, affecting the normal use of our computers.

2.In the insert u disk, the computer reads to our u drive, we double-click it to open it in the normal way, but can not open it. The root cause of this situation is that the virus has destroyed the associated files between the USB drive and the system. As a result, we cannot open the USB drive in the normal way.

3. n the u disk there have been applications that have never seen before, most of the icons of these programs are not the same as other icons, these are the virus files that appear in the u disk after u disk poisoning.

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4. The names of all the folders stored in the u disk are followed by the .exe suffix. These are the dangerous files disguised by the virus and hide all the normal folders in the original USB flash drive. The name of the camouflage file.

5. Some unremovable suspicious files appear in the u disk, which is one of the symptoms of poisoning. Although it does not affect the normal use of our u disk, it will modify some key files in the system. As a result, we inadvertently stole some of the security and privacy issues that we entered when using a computer, such as bank account numbers and passwords.

   The above five pieces of information can correctly determine the common signs of poisoning in the u disk. U disk poisoning is something we are unwilling to meet, so we must be familiar with the unusual signs that are common when judging u disk poisoning. Virus killing operations to avoid causing greater losses.

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