Usb data recovery software

- May 29, 2018-

Usb data recovery software

 Flash data recovery master

Flash data data recovery of as many Flash data recovery tool, is different from the traditional master match data recovery mode, adopts the most advanced from the general algorithm of master data recovery mode, Flash chips directly to read data sorting and restructuring, improve the success rate of data recovery. Perfect solution:

The computer can recognize the model normally, but the capacity is small (generally 0 byte / 8.4m /16M).

The computer can only recognize the general model of the card, that is, the manufacturer's standard model;

The computer can recognize the model and capacity normally, but the whole thing is bad.

The computer can recognize the model normally, but cannot access the data in the data area normally.

The computer cannot recognize the parameters such as model and capacity.

The computer cannot recognize any equipment information normally.

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 Data recovery master of usb disk

1. Usb data recovery master is a very powerful data recovery software. Files can be found as long as the data is not completely overwritten.

2. The master of data recovery of usb disk has very powerful functions such as delete recovery, format recovery, advanced recovery, etc., which can be recovered for various data loss in different situations.

3. The master of usb data Recovery can be very effective in Smart Flash Recovery(usb file Recovery tool)

4, Smart Flash Recovery is a completely free, designed specifically for U disk file Recovery tool, the purpose is the usb flash drive damaged or when the user can't read the segmentation area to deposit for the user to save in usb data, makes the user's losses to a minimum.

5, and the use of Smart Flash Recovery is also quite simple, users only need to specify to rescue the storage media, let the program to search, it can automatically for the user to rescue the missing documents or split the Recovery has been deleted files.. Formatted files and missing files due to partition exceptions.

6. Data recovery master of USB drive supports recovery of various storage media, including IDE/ATA/SATA/SCSI/USB, etc

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