USB drive can't read how to recover data?

- Jun 28, 2018-

The first is the mass of the USB stick. Although the price of USB flash drive is much lower than before, it is still recommended to buy genuine USB drive of large brands with reliable quality. The data transmission speed and stability of such USB drives are more guaranteed. I think prevention is the most important thing, and that's the first thing I said. Second, there are several cases in which the USB drive cannot be read. There are disk boot errors, resulting in system read disk characters but showing storage capacity of 0 bytes. There is also damage caused by unstable hardware quality. The third point is the destruction of USB hardware such as crystal oscillations.

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First of all, hardware quality is unstable, such failures are difficult to repair, so it is most important to prevent them in the future. Of course, even the genuine USB drive also has a certain probability of such problems. Before the problem, however, a USB drive might have a disk that reads and writes too slowly, or a file that is missing or has a format error when the file is opened. This USB stick is a high risk one.

The first solution is that important data must not be stored on such a USB drive. Of course, you don't have to scrap the USB drive. You can use Windows' own disk error-checker program to periodically detect the USB drive to reduce the likelihood of failure. You can also download some disk detection software to check it regularly. If such disks cannot be read, the data recovery will be difficult.

Then we'll talk about something a little simpler. When the disk is inserted into the computer, the computer prompts the disk to be formatted. Though this time not to format the USB drive (formatting can also try to restore data, there is the risk of data loss) but point the "start menu" "run" on the computer input: CHKDSK H: H/F is your mobile operator position, according to the specific mobile drive changes.

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And then more complex lead to USB drive can be computer identification, but did not drive, or a drive, but when open the USB drive prompt for formatting, and formatting cannot succeed. One time I found out that winrar could view the list of USB files, but it could not use it to recover files. But it's useful to know the list of files. I'm going to turn on winrar and I'm going to select that disk in the open path.

You can look for professional data recovery software like EasyRecover for data recovery. Such software typically has a scanning function that is selected to wait for the scan to complete, restoring the files you need to restore in the file list. Generally speaking, word class text document recovery is more likely, video image file damage is more likely, recovery is more difficult.

When it comes to hardware, people often think that hardware problems can't be fixed. In most cases, it is difficult to repair, but the main reason is the high cost. But let me introduce a special case. One of the parts in the USB drive that can burn out easily is the crystal vibration of the USB drive. If this part is damaged, the cost of replacement is several dollars plus the labor charge of the maintenance staff. There is a watermark because there is no physical object. If you have the strength, you can try your own replacement. What I want to mention is that in this case the storage of the original is not damaged. That's how the data might be retrieved.

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There is also a non-mainstream approach, which is not the right one. But I have tried. This is to try to format the mobile disk so that the USB drive can be read to recover with data recovery software, but before recovery itself is a data destruction process. This method is not worth learning, only mentioned slightly. I'm not going to go into the details of a home of winners

Finally, you have to backup your data when you move it around. This is the most reliable and effective way to deal with data loss