usb Flash Drive Usage

- Jan 22, 2018-

   Usb flash drive has usb interface, is a USB device. If the operating system is WINDOWSXP/VISTA/WIN7/LINUX/PRAYAYAQ3 or Apple system, the USB drive directly into the chassis front panel or behind the USB interface, the system will automatically identify. If the system is Windows 98, you need to install a U disk driver to use. The drive can be found on the accompanying CD or on the manufacturer's website.

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   The first time you use a U disk on a computer (when you plug it into a USB port) the system emits a beep and reports "discover new hardware." Later, you will be prompted: "The new hardware is already installed and ready to use." (Sometimes you may need to reboot) at this time, open "My Computer", you can see more than a hard disk icon, the name is generally a U disk brand name, such as Kingston, the name is Kingston. After this step, later use the U disk, plug it directly up, and then you can open "My Computer" to find removable disk, at this point, at the far right of the taskbar, there will be a small icon, like a gray thing next to a green arrow, is the safe removal of USB hardware device means. (usb drive is one of the USB devices), next, you can operate as usual files, save on a U disk, delete files, or the file through the right button directly sent to the U disk.

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