Usb flash leak cannot be ignored!

- Apr 26, 2018-

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     At present, with the development of new technology, mobile storage media increasingly diverse species, floppy disk, U disk, mobile hard disk, MP3, MP4, digital camera memory stick and so on are widely used in the work, they bring convenience for our work at the same time, also brought nots allow to ignore to the information security hidden danger, greatly increasing the difficulty of security management. Usb flash drive, in particular, more and more appear in our work. Due to its easy to carry, convenient access, many people use it to download and save the classified documents, illegally copied phenomenon is difficult to control; Some staff will work usb flash drive back to home, some will be classified usb flash drive with the Internet computer cross use, such as some of the staff and distributing file, the file copy will be issued by the classified in the usb flash drive, sent the usb flash drive to the printer and editorial office there, presses the editorial staff of insert the usb flash drive from direct connected to the computer, copy printed documents copy, although so convenient work, there is a usb flash drive but virtually hidden danger, danger of poisoning and leak of others use usb flash drive and so on, these are all leaks. More recently some leaks about Internet virus, especially "ferry" Trojan virus, "disk" virus, its blunt means very concealment, usb flash drive once implanted into a virus, especially the above two kinds of virus, if access to classified computer, we classified documents will be in imperceptible in those don't use heart to steal.

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    The so-called "ferry" Trojan virus, is running on the Internet called AutoRun. Inf and sys. Exe program, the "infection" is the main object in the Internet and classified cross between computer users of usb flash drive. When a user USES a usb flash drive to access the Internet at the same time, the virus is automatically stored in a usb flash drive in the form of hidden files. If the user inserts the usb flash drive into a classified computer, the virus will run automatically, storing the confidential files in a secret file in a usb flash drive. When the Internet users to use the usb flash drive, the virus will run automatically, will hide in the usb flash drive of classified documents secret "ferry" to the Internet, can remotely download espionage.

    In view of the current risk of leaks of mobile storage medium, especially obvious Trojan harm for a mobile storage media such as usb flash drive and lead to the hidden trouble of the leak, the classified units and classified the leadership of the staff to strengthen the security management of usb flash drive, actively take effective measures to prevent, eliminate leak hidden dangers.

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