Use caution in USB flash drive.

- Apr 27, 2018-

Use caution in USB flash drive.

1. The USB flash drive usually has a write protection switch, but it should be switched before the USB stick is inserted into the computer interface, and do not switch in the working state of the USB drive.

custom pvc usb flash drive.jpg2. The USB flash drive has a working status indicator. If it is an indicator light, when the host interface is inserted, the lamp will be switched on, and when the lamp is flashing, it is reading and writing data.If it is two lights, generally two colors, one is on when the power is switched on, and one is bright when reading and writing data in a USB flash drive. Some USB sticks are still working after the system copy progress bar disappears, and it is strictly prohibited to unplug the USB flash drive when the reading and writing status light is on. Must wait for read and write status indicator to stop flashing or extinguishing to unplug the USB flash drive.


3, some brand of USB stick for file allocation table reserved space is small, easy to an error in copying a large number of individual small files, can stop the copy at this moment, take the multiple small files compressed into a first solution to large file.


4. In order to protect the main board and USB interface of USB, prevent deformation to reduce friction. If there is no requirement for copy speed, you can use USB extension cord (generally with USB flash drive). If need to buy, choose well-known brand as far as possible, line is thicker the better. But no more than 3 meters, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes when copying data. Note that the USB extension will be slow if it is USB2.0 Full Speed.

ball pen usb flash drives.jpg

5. The storage principle of the USB stick is very different from that of the hard disk. Do not organize the debris, otherwise it will affect the service life.

6. There may be a USB stick virus in the USB flash drive. It is best to kill the USB stick when inserting into the computer.


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