Use USB disk to extend the system cache

- Jan 22, 2018-

  ReadyBoost is a new technology that exists in Windows Vista, and it leverages the advantage of usb flash drive memory random reading and writing and fragmentation files to improve system performance as a temporary replacement for the next generation of flash drives.laser pointer usb pen drive.jpg


  Under the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, the ReadyBoost feature allows you to simply plug in a USB flash drive and configure it slightly to improve system performance. And using USB 2.0 flash memory to speed up Vista PC performance, USB memory space is used as system memory.

This technology can support the USB2.0 interface, see U disk and flash memory in a computer with a built-in card reader, of course, use the ReadyBoost feature is the premise of u disk must meet certain performance and capacity requirements: at least 2.5 MB/s transmission, 4 k random read speed, 1.75 MB/s transmission, random write speed 512 k, 64 MB to 8 gb space; The total capacity is at least 256MB. This is just the basic parameter that Microsoft has given, the perfect experience for readyboost performance, or the need for more high-performance flash support.

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