What are the advantages and disadvantages of u disk system

- May 10, 2018-

  U disk mounted system is one of the most popular among the many installed methods, but relatively speaking, there are many advantages and disadvantages of the u disk installed system, then the advantages and disadvantages of some u disk installed systems are sorted out and shared to everyone.

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1. Large capacity, can integrate many maintenance tools, can put multiple ghost images.

2. Fast and portable data transfer.

3. High security. The system on the u disk is completely independent from the local hard disk system. The two systems will not affect each other.

4. Easy to maintain, compared with the optical drive, u disk is small and easy to store, and unlike the optical drive as easy to scratch, it is more conducive to save data.

5.Ease of use, USB flash drive  installed system only requires the motherboard to support usb boot on the line.

6. Compared with optical drive system, u disk system is faster.

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1. Because the motherboard does not have a unified usb startup standard, this results in the compatibility of the U-disk boot is not perfect. For compatibility, the order from high to low is dos>pe>xpe>xp.

2.u disk hardware requirements are more picky.

3. Inconvenient installation, basically the installation difficulty is ranked as dos>pe>xpe>xp.

4. Although the function is rich, there is still a gap with our usual operating system, and the operating speed is not as good as that of a local hard disk.

  U disk installed system advantages and disadvantages are the above aspects, after reading, we must understand clearly that their computer is not suitable for u disk installed system, fast boot u disk installed system is very simple and easy to operate, hope everyone can Oh, help.

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