What are the advantages of plastic U disk

- May 24, 2018-

   Plastic U disk is a plastic shell U disk, it mainly has two parts, one part is an important component inside, like other U disk, there must be chip, main control, pcb circuit board, plus electronic components, USB interface Is a key part of the inside, the outer shell is made of plastic shell, because the plastic shell color is large, so the form of plastic U disk is also rich and varied, ordinary U disk in the black, followed by white, red and green.

custom robot shape usb flash drive.jpg

U disk plastic shell on the market is the best-selling, more than half of the U disk material on the market is a rubber shell, while the plastic U disk in the optional style and accounted for the vast majority of plastic U disk, then the plastic material What is the advantage of U disk?

First. the cost is low, plastic materials are not as valuable as metal shells, and raw materials are consumed at low prices, so U-disks are relatively cheap.

The second. U disk plastic shell is easy to disassemble, if you do not like it, it is relatively easy to replace it. Unlike a metal U disk, the outer shell is tightly attached to the inside, and if it is broken, the whole is broken. Moreover, the plastic housing is much more convenient to assemble than other metal housings. The program is very simple, does not require any cumbersome installation procedures, and reduces the cost of production.

metal jar shape usb flash drive.jpg

The new style of plastic U disk will use a variety of colorful colors, screw cap simple and stylish design, will feel in the use of compact and convenient, if it is no cover rotation design method, there are aluminum cover at the USB interface Protection, if you need to access the USB flash drive, just flip the aluminum cover over. The key ring in the class turns the U disk into a stylish accessory. As long as you put it in a rope, he can press it. On the phone, you can press the key.

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