What if the bluetooth speaker doesn't connect to the phone

- May 30, 2018-

What if the bluetooth speaker doesn't connect to the phone

Solution 1: bluetooth audio cannot connect to mobile phone

1. turn on the bluetooth function and search for the bluetooth headset status.

2. enable the bluetooth sound system to be switched on. It needs to press the key of the bluetooth headset for 5-6 seconds. Until the indicator light: blue lights alternate flashing red lights before releasing.

3. at this time, the bluetooth stereo and the phone will enter the matching state again. After the bluetooth stereo is displayed on the phone, click ok to connect.

4. note that the effective distance between the mobile phone and the bluetooth stereo is within 10 meters. Some bluetooth speaker pairs require a password: 0000 or 8888.

Bluetooth audio does not connect to cell phone solution 2

If the bluetooth signal 2 cannot be connected because the sound cannot be searched, the following steps can be carried out.

Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

1. open the Settings, open the bluetooth, on top of this line can be other equipment search box box, can search matching, if the connection is not on the chip is bad.

2.the specification of the i-controlled X3mini bluetooth speaker is: CSR4.0(CSR8615 chip), equipped with NFC function. In the shutdown state, the product can be started up by NFC function and can be successfully paired with bluetooth. When you have started the machine manually, you can successfully match bluetooth through NFC.

If it's not useful to repeat the above steps, it's basically the bluetooth module of the sound system that has a problem. Electronic products, you have to accept its failure, small problems are also very normal.

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