What is a cloud storage usb drive

- May 24, 2018-

Today, cloud storage is the hottest aspect of computer storage. As the most commonly used peripheral product of computer, usb stick has also started the application of cloud storage. Major manufacturers have borrowed the wind of the cloud to launch various types of cloud storage usb disks.

What's the difference between a cloud storage usb drive and a regular usb drive? Many people don't understand. Some people even bought a cloud storage usb drive as a fad and used it as a regular usb drive, not knowing what it could do.

What is a cloud storage usb drive

As a storage tool, usb flashdrive provides endless help for people to transmit and store information and data. But also there will be some trouble, once U disk accidentally lost or damaged, the inside of the information is not back, but also to worry about lost lost U disk inside information will not be people with ulterior motives malicious use. People who are afraid of leaks often choose to encrypt the usb flash drive, while those who are afraid of losing, breaking and leaking have a new option -- cloud storage usb drive.

The cloud storage usb drive can be used as a normal usb drive, and it can also automatically backup files, making the files synchronize between various devices and more encrypted. The biggest feature of a cloud storage usb drive is the addition of a connected cloud storage space on top of the usb flash drive itself.

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