What is a USB drive mass production tool?

- May 19, 2018-

With the continuous development of the information age, USB stick has become a tool in our daily life. You will use a USB flash drive, but do you know what is a mass production tool? The mass production tool is closely related to the USB drive.

1. What is a mass production tool?

Quantity refers to batch meaning, that is, mass production tools can produce many USB drives at once, as long as your USB port is sufficient.

The mass production tool is the low-level software developed by the manufacturer for the operation of the main control chip of USB stick.

1) low g USB stick, repair improper damaged rotatable USB stick.

2) production of encrypted disk, and can also make a USB flash drive with personalized information.

3) partition, can produce a read-only partition and change the type of USB stick media (removabel and fixed)

4) output USB-CDROM, which can be used to activate CD.

5) some USB stick volume can be significantly improved after birth.

The English abbreviation for Mass Production Tool is MP Tool, and the Mass Production Tool is more detailed.

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2. Does the disk energy output of the card reader produce CDROM?

No, maybe there will be a card reader in the future.

3. Energy production of mobile hard disk?

At present, we can't, the core state is engaged, according to the explanation annual meeting come out.

If such a tool were to come out, CD and DVD sales could fall significantly.

4. Are all USB flash drive energy produced?

It should be, just to see if there is a suitable mass production tool. There must be some major manufacturers.

5. How to determine the master control of metal USB drive?

1) use the chip wizard software to detect.

2) open the shell and view the main control model (although many mini USB drives cannot be removed now)

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6. Why can't different mass production tools be universal?

The main difference is that the main control chips of different manufacturers have their secret instructions and functions.

7. Can MP3, MP4 and other devices be used to start the disk?

The hardware is pretty much the same. Generally you can only do USB-hdd startup.

8. After the production of CDROM, how to use the remaining space?

The remaining space will be recognized as an independent portable USB flash drive, which can be made into a fixed disk and further partitioned. It can also be removable. The remaining space can be used for startup or as an ordinary USB storage file.

9. What if the mass production fails and cannot be remedied by software?

Short FLASH pin, return to factory status!

Some schemes can be recovered with the appropriate tools.

10. What kinds of production start modes are available?

There are USB-cdrom, USB-hdd (the two most commonly used), and USB-zip, USB-fdd (analog floppy drive), etc.