What is U disk

- Jun 04, 2018-

Composition of usb flash drive

The composition of the usb flash drive is simple: shell + core + flash + packaging

1. Machine core: the machine core includes a PCB board + main control + crystal vibration + capacitance resistance +USB head +LED head +FLASH(FLASH) chip

2. Shell: there are many kinds of plastic, wood, metal, leather and silicone

3. Packaging: generally, there are paper box packaging, plastic box packaging and metal box packaging.

Custom Logo Keyring USB Flash DriveCompared with other portable storage device (especially a floppy disk), usb drives have many advantages: less occupy a space, usually operate faster (USB1.1, 2.0, 3.0), it can store more data, and possibly more reliable (since there is no mechanical equipment), read and write in turn off and won't damage the hardware (floppy disconnect immediately damaged during reading and writing), will only lose data. Such disks use the standard for USB bulk storage devices and have built-in support in modern operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, Unix and Windows2000, XP, and Win7.

Flash drive usually use plastic or metal enclosure, internal contains a small printed circuit board, let the flash drive size small like key ring decorations can into the pocket, or a string in the cervical cord. Only the USB connector sticks out of the protection case and is usually covered with a small lid. Most flash drives use standard type-a USB connectors, which allow them to be plugged directly into A USB port on A PC.

To access flash disk data, you must connect the flash disk to your computer. Either connect directly to a built-in USB controller or a USB hub. The flash drive will only start when it is plugged into a USB port, and the power required is provided by the USB connection. However, there are some flash drive (especially using USB 2.0 standard high speed flash drives) may need more power, so if in like a built-in keyboard or USB hub of the screen, the flash drive will not be able to work, unless they are directly into the controller (that is, the computer itself provides a USB port) or an external power supply on the USB hub. Some usb drives consist of a drive and a usb stick, so end with a clear resolution (in a DOS/win32 environment).

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