What problems do we need to notice when servicing sound?

- May 04, 2018-

Outdoor wireless mini bluetooth speaker

1. Keep an eye on the new machine.

When many people buy a new bluetooth speaker, they can't resist the excitement and try to plug it in. You should always pay attention to the power amplifier circuit when the speaker is not connected to the amplifier. The stereo is a passive device, and all the energy comes from the output of the amplifier. If the road is not connected, if the power is turned on, the power will be guilty. It is the amplifier that suffers when the machine is turned on, and it is your ears that suffer when you listen to music. Therefore, it is important to check whether all the equipment is connected after starting up, and then adjust the volume knob to the minimum restart system. If the system makes a strange sound, it is better to shut down the power and power off, ask professional personnel to debug, generally do not recommend the player to start the diagnosis, otherwise it will affect the hardware performance.

LED Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm

2. Try to use it at reasonable ambient temperature.

Sound use of the environment temperature should be controlled in - at least 10 ℃ to 40 ℃, environment temperature to avoid big fluctuations. Excessive temperature changes and the use of stereos in extremely low temperatures can cause irreversible damage to the sound system.

3. Pay attention to environmental humidity.

In environmental humidity, bluetooth speaker should be placed between 50% and 80% relative humidity. Too humid environment can cause the premature failure of components in the machine, or rust in and out of the body.

4. Pay attention to voltage frequency.

The power supply voltage and frequency need to be consistent with the local power. Long time for bluetooth speaker to work in the non-rated voltage and frequency of the power condition will accelerate the sound aging.