What's the correct operation when pop-up the usb stick ?

- Mar 30, 2018-

Usb stickconnectedto the computer pop-up, can be directly pulled?

1, Before popping up the U disk, we must firstly close all the programs that are opened from the U disk.

2, Right-click the small icon of the Usb stick tray on the  right corner of the taskbar, and choose to exit the Usb stick safely.

    3, There are a number o  design USB flash drivef anti-virus software, such as 360, Baidu   guards, etc. with Usb disk assistant, also can click on their Usb   flash  drive assistant pop-up usb stick tool, quit Usb disk.

    4, After the Usb drive is safely exited, the Usb flash can be   safely pulled out.

    5, when the Usb memory is not used, it should be pulled out, do   not insert it on the computer, the Usb pen drive is electrified for a   long time or suddenly power off, which will cause the damage of   the electronic components of the Usb stick.