What to do if error code 10 occurs when using a USB flash drive

- May 19, 2018-

U disk compact, copying data and carrying are very convenient, but there is nothing that is 100% easy to use, U disk is no exception, although easy to use, but sometimes it is inevitable that some glitches. When a user recently used a USB flash drive, everything was working properly, but after a while, a yellow exclamation mark appeared and an error code "10" popped up. What happened?

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       The use of U disk when the error code 10 solution:

1. computer failure, you can try to upgrade the motherboard driver or computer system repair, if your computer has a key to restore this type of function, then it is best to restore once, look at the situation.

2. check the USB jack is not a problem, try to clean up the USB jack, or plug in other USB jack to try.

3. Check whether the USB Root Hub's power saving setting is checked in the Device Manager. If yes, please remove it. Power saving settings will cause the U disk connection to be unstable.

4. U disk problems, reformat, or use production tools for low grid. It is also possible that the U disk may be difficult to repair due to an operational error, and it is recommended to buy it again.

The above is the use of U disk when the error code 10 solution, U disk prompt error code 10 most of the computer configuration or drive failure caused by, we solve the above method can be easily solved.

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