When the metal u disk is thrown into the water how to deal with

- May 25, 2018-

wood circular usb stick (1).jpg   Because of its small size and large capacity, the metal u disk is favored by fashion owners. It is an important tool for our computer work industry. Its existence has brought a lot of convenience to many people. However, some people in their lives did not use their personal operations properly. They were too careless and dropped the U disk into the water. What should I do? Did you think it was damaged, throw it away? I tell you at this time, do not do this, otherwise you will waste a u disk. The following teach you some simple emergency methods to make your u disk back to life.

    Because the metal u disk itself is not charged, there is no short circuit when it falls into the water. However, its internal electronic components and circuit boards have been eroded by water. Someone at this time will use the hair dryer forced drying method to deal with falling USB stick. Although this method is very fast, it has a lot of drawbacks. We first rinse with clean water, to ensure that there is no sewage in the U disk, the best condition to use absolute alcohol rinse.

 32gb wood plug shape usb stick.jpg   In fact, the best way is to dry in the sun on a sunny day, so that the u disk evaporated with the sun under the residual moisture. This operation for about 2-3 days, the metal u disk will naturally return to the state before the dragon fell into the water, this method is suitable for any u disk. The general performance of the U disk after such processing will not be affected.

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